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Preventive Dentistry in Rockland County

Preventive Dentistry for Your Family

family of four sitting and smiling. All with healthy smiles from good preventive dentistry care.Having a healthy smile for life starts with a rigorous preventive dentistry plan. At Orangetown Smiles, we recommend regularly scheduled visits with our hygienist to keep your teeth and gums free of disease.

During your checkup and cleaning, we share what we see with you through high resolution cameras and digital radiographs. That way, you can work alongside us to properly care for problematic areas before they evolve into more complex problems.

In addition to showing you other means of cleaning your teeth than just using traditional floss, our hygienists are great at helping people understand what really needs to go into a good home care regimen. Not only can you expect gentle preventive cleanings, but our office also provides:

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride isn’t just for kids! It’s also very useful for adults who are prone to cavities or tooth sensitivity. When necessary, we can also recommend a prescription toothpaste to deliver a higher concentration of the mineral on an everyday basis.

Identafi® 3000 Oral Cancer Screenings

We use a three-step process to screen for signs of oral cancer and pathological lesions in our patients. Even if you do not use tobacco or alcohol products, it’s important to note that risk factors such as certain viruses and sun exposure can predispose a person to this extremely dangerous disease. Each light in the Identafi® system shows us different aspects of your soft tissue anatomy: including abnormal blood vessel growth (a characteristic of cancerous growths).

The best treatment for oral cancer is early diagnosis — it could save your life.

Grinding and TMJ Disorder

An imbalanced bite can place strain on your jaw. Dr. Lewart may need to adjust the way your teeth fit together, so that the pressure is distributed properly (Invisalign may be an option). For people with a habit of grinding and clenching, a nightguard or bite splint can help to protect your teeth from unnecessary wear and fracture.

Cold Sore Treatments

Within just a few minutes, our soft tissue laser can help your cold sore be on the way to recovery! The key is to call us as soon as you feel it popping up.

Periodontal Therapy

man sitting in dental chair getting examined as part of good preventive careGum disease is an inflammatory process that can be aggravated by factors like diabetes or smoking (which hinder oral health). As the #1 cause of tooth loss in people over the age of 30, it’s important to stop gum disease in its tracks.

Once you lose bone around your tooth, you can never grow it back. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what periodontal disease does. As you lose the support of bone and gums around your teeth, they become loose, misaligned, shift, and may even fall out.

When disease is evident, we recommend scaling and root planing (“deep cleanings”) in the area of active infection. Ask about our STA single tooth anesthetic option to keep you comfortable from start to finish!

Unconventional Gum Disease Treatments

If your gum disease is associated with crowding and crooked teeth, you may want to consider undergoing Invisalign treatment. A straighter smile is less prone to gum infections because of how much easier it is to keep clean!

Has it been longer than six months since your last checkup? Call our Orangeburg dentist today. We’re open late! Be sure to ask about our $500 off implants special.

At Orangetown Smiles, we cater to people who are looking for a better solution to restoring their smile. From full mouth implant therapy to white fillings, you’re in great hands with our Rockland County dentist.

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