Your Experienced Invisalign® Provider

Invisalign® is a wonderful way to straighten your smile without having to wear brackets and wires. The clear, removable aligners snap over your teeth and guide them into proper alignment without any metal appliances or colorful rubber bands.

At Orangetown Smiles, we use the iTero® scanner to create a virtual 3D replica of your teeth. This “digital impression” is transferred to Invisalign labs where your clear aligners are made. No goopy impressions are necessary.

Correcting Relapse or Moderate Crowding

A top reason to consider adult braces is to correct areas of crooked teeth, due to esthetic reasons. It may be that you didn’t wear your retainer after having braces decades ago, or you just never had the chance to straighten them in the first place.

With Invisalign, you can:

  • Enjoy the most comfortable type of orthodontic treatment available
  • Remove your aligners to eat all your favorite foods
  • Schedule fewer, shorter appointments
  • Hide the fact that you’re wearing braces

The Oral Health Benefit

One of the biggest reasons to consider getting Invisalign as an adult is the health benefit. As we age, our teeth tend to get crowded — especially the bottom front ones — making them harder to clean. The tight spaces are challenging to floss, much less reach with a toothbrush. You may have even noticed your hygienist having to work harder. Similar conditions are obvious in areas where a tooth is lost and the neighboring teeth are shifting inward.

Areas like these tend to develop periodontal disease before the rest of your mouth does. Not only does this predispose you to tooth loss, it can even be a risk to your overall health (gum disease is a risk factor for problems like stroke, heart attack, diabetes and more).

Straightening your teeth makes it easier to maintain your oral health and prevent infectious bacteria from spreading into your cardiovascular system.

Preserve Your Investment, Save Yourself the Headache

Crooked teeth tend to wear down abnormally. As pressure is placed across specific areas throughout your mouth, it can cause everything from fillings to tooth enamel to break down and fracture. Correcting their alignment reduces tension to your bite as well as your TMJ.

Schedule a Consultation With an Orangeburg Invisalign Dentist

Dr. Jordan Lewart has been a certified Invisalign provider for over a decade. All your visits take place in our Rockland County office, so there’s no need to find an orthodontist somewhere in Orangeburg.

Most of our patients complete their orthodontic treatment within about a year. At the time of your consultation, we’ll let you know an estimated time frame for your individual case.

Once your aligners are ready, just stop by every six weeks or so for a quick evaluation and to pick up your next series of trays. It’s that easy!

Give us a call at 845-367-7175 to learn more about Invisalign in Orangeburg, Blauvelt, Sparkhill, Tappan and Piermont, New York, and set up your consultation today!

Clear Braces for Every Budget

Get 0% interest and low monthly payments on your treatment with CareCredit. Apply online or in our office for same day approval to get started on your Invisalign treatment as soon as you’re ready. New patients are always welcome, plus, we’re open late so that you can stop by after work. Call now.

Do you have a problem tooth that needs to be removed? Are you struggling with missing teeth that cause embarrassment or changes in your facial profile? Implants can restore your bite, enhance your bone structure and even last for life.

Jordan M. Lewart, DMD, FICOI





The staff at Orangetown Smiles has seen me at my worst many times. They are always kind, compassionate, funny, understanding and forgiving! Dr. Jordan Lewart is a true dental artist. He can transform your smile from awful to gorgeous. At the same time, he handles fillings, caps, crowns with a talent and technique that is painless, quick and professional. I cannot say enough about this uber dentist. So if you need dental work or are thinking you'd like to look better, run don't walk to Dr. Lewart at Orangetown Smiles. These talented people will make it all better!


Staff was friendly, music was good, teeth feel excellent! The office was super clean and digital x-rays made for prompt and accurate diagnosis.