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Dental Implants in Rockland County

Dental Implants Give You a New Reason to Smile

Do you have a problem tooth that needs to be removed? Are you struggling with missing teeth that cause embarrassment or changes in your facial profile? Implants can restore your bite, enhance your bone structure, and even last for life.

The iTero Difference

We use an in-house conebeam machine to capture an x-ray of your oral anatomy. Then we layer this data with the image captured with our iTero digital imaging device. Together, they create a 3D x-ray of your mouth.

With this image, we use computers to create a surgical guide that shows us exactly where each implant should sit, as well as how large it should be. The beauty of using a surgical guide is that it allows for precision control during your surgery. As such, the procedure is highly accurate, less invasive, and produces far less discomfort than conventional surgical procedures. You’ll be able to have a shorter appointment that’s much more comfortable!

Single Tooth Replacement

3d view of implants in the jawIn some cases, it is possible to place your implant at the same time your tooth is extracted. Or, we will use a bone graft to enhance the bone structure and install the implant a few months later. About three months after the implant has integrated into your jaw, Dr. Lewart will install an abutment with a single porcelain crown. Your new “tooth” blends right in with the rest of your smile.

Don’t worry: if your missing tooth is visible when you smile, we’ll find something for you to wear during the healing process. There’s no need for unnecessary embarrassment!

Implant Bridges

Multiple missing teeth can alter your speech and make it difficult to chew. Rather than wear a removable partial, you ought to consider an implant supported bridge. This restorative option allows you to replace several teeth in a row, thanks to the durability of just two or three implants.

Hybrid Dentures

The “hybrid” denture is the most comfortable, realistic new smile that any denture wearer could hope for. Like an extended bridge, this arch of dental crowns are fused side by side to replace a full upper or lower row of teeth, while freeing up space in the roof of your mouth. We anchor it onto four to six precisely placed implants, so that it never budges out of place.

Implant Retained Dentures

Did you know that it was possible to combine removable dentures with implants? Implant locators allow your denture to “snap” into place, so that it doesn’t rock or shift throughout the day. No more denture adhesive is necessary!

Complete Smile Rehabilitation Services

happy couple enjoying food because of professional implantsAs a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Dr. Lewart completed a four-year program with NYU to expand his implant therapy services. He provides comprehensive implantology services here in our Orangeburg practice, without the need to refer you to an off-site surgeon.

If you’ve been told that you would require supportive services such as bone grafting, sinus lifts, socket preservation, or ridge augmentation before an implant can be placed, we can help. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Be sure to ask about the $500 discount off your first implant treatment.

Having a more beautiful looking smile doesn’t have to be a dream. At Orangetown Smiles, we make it a reality with our cosmetic dentistry services.

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