Get a Smile Makeover With Cosmetic Dentistry in Orangeburg, New York!

Your smile is an accessory that you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life. But if your teeth cause embarrassment, there’s a good chance that you’re avoiding social events, photos with friends or even asking someone out on a date.

Having a more beautiful looking smile doesn’t have to be a dream. At Orangetown Smiles, we make it a reality. No matter what you have in mind, there’s a good chance that with our menu of cosmetic dentistry services, we can find a solution or alternative that fits your budget. We invite you to call us today at 845-367-7175 to schedule your consultation and learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Orangeburg, Blauvelt, Sparkhill, Tappan and Piermont, New York.

It Starts With a Whiter Smile

Brighter looking teeth are often a foundation to every smile transformation. Whiter smiles often look younger and provide the perfect palate to accent with other types of cosmetic treatment. After all, new treatments like implant crowns or veneers can’t be whitened later. It’s best to start out matching them to your current smile.

At Orangetown Smiles, we provide ZOOM one-visit teeth whitening as well as customized take-home systems. Both professional treatments help to lift away deep stains and discoloration. If you’re planning to get married, apply for a new job, or have a big presentation to give next week, our one-visit treatment is a great way to boost your appearance!

Laser Gum Recontouring

Your teeth are a picture, but your gums are the picture frame. Uneven gum tissues can make your teeth look misshaped, short, or cause your smile to appear “gummy.” Fortunately, recontouring your gumlines is simple, thanks to our soft tissue dental laser. The results can give you a perfect frame for your beautiful teeth.

Dental lasers allow us to recreate your gum contour and uncover a larger area of your tooth. As such, your teeth appear fuller and the same size. It only takes one visit to complete. Thanks to the help of our computerized single tooth anesthesia delivery, you won’t have to feel any discomfort at all.

Customized Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are eggshell thin porcelain coverings that go over the front of your teeth. They are ideal for people who have healthy, unadulterated teeth that are free of fillings or crowns. From there, we work with you to transform what characteristics you dislike about your smile, such as:

  • Tooth shape and size
  • Enamel color
  • Gaps or crowding

First, we remove a very thin layer of enamel so that the tooth doesn’t appear to be too bulky. Then we take an impression, which our lab uses to create a diagnostic “wax up” for you to preview before the permanent porcelain veneers are put in. You can even try them on to see what your new smile will look like! Share your feedback with us, and we will take an iTero® 3D impression to send back to our lab, where the permanent veneers will be created. About two weeks later we will see you back to bond them in place. It’s that easy.

0% Financing That Fits Your Budget

Ask about our low- or no-interest financing plan through CareCredit. Call our office to get started on your new smile today. You’ll wonder why you had waited so long!

At Orangetown Smiles, we recommend regularly scheduled visits with our hygienist to keep your teeth and gums free of disease.

Jordan M. Lewart, DMD, FICOI





The staff at Orangetown Smiles has seen me at my worst many times. They are always kind, compassionate, funny, understanding and forgiving! Dr. Jordan Lewart is a true dental artist. He can transform your smile from awful to gorgeous. At the same time, he handles fillings, caps, crowns with a talent and technique that is painless, quick and professional. I cannot say enough about this uber dentist. So if you need dental work or are thinking you'd like to look better, run don't walk to Dr. Lewart at Orangetown Smiles. These talented people will make it all better!


Staff was friendly, music was good, teeth feel excellent! The office was super clean and digital x-rays made for prompt and accurate diagnosis.