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Are you looking for highly experienced implant or family dentist in Rockland County? Orangetown Smiles is currently accepting new patients. We’ve been providing dental care in Orangeburg, Blauvelt, Sparkhill, Tappan and Piermont since 1994!

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Replace Your Missing Teeth

Struggling with missing teeth? Ask about our comprehensive dental implant treatments. At Orangetown Smiles we use 3D computer-guided technology to plan your virtual surgery before the actual appointment. This ensures extreme accuracy and reduces the length of your procedure. We also use a computerized single-tooth anesthesia (STA) system for accurate numbing without the unnecessary discomfort.

Implants are one of the best ways to replace teeth that are missing. They can be used to make your smile look the way it used to, before that emergency extraction or accident. After all, you rely on a healthy bite to do more than smile with–it’s an essential part of good nutritional intake and eating the meals that you love.

Speaking of food, while you’re in Orangeburg and if you’re in the mood for sushi, check out Hikaru Sushi in the Orangetown Shopping Center. It’s just a short trip from our office (Dr. Lewart orders from them fairly often!). If you are instead in the mood for casual dining, Hogan’s Diner offers good, old-fashioned, home-cooked meals that everyone in your family will like.

We See Emergency Patients on the Same Day

Whether we’ve seen you before or you’re stopping through on vacation, you’ll be happy to learn that our Orangeburg dentist provides same-day emergency dental services. We want you to be out of pain as quickly as possible. It’s not a matter of “if” we can see you, but, “How soon can you get here?”

Many of our patients enjoy hiking the Appalachian Trail, especially because of its convenient access to the Long Path that runs through Rockland County. If you’ve been out hiking or enjoying one of our beautiful parks — such as Rockland Lake State Park or Nyack Beach State Park — and experience an accidental injury to your teeth, call us right away.

Dr. Lewart even takes phone calls late at night, if your situation calls for it. In many cases we can also arrange to meet you at our office over the weekend (please note that fees do apply). We’re even open as late as 8:00 p.m. certain days of the week!

Check Out Our Identafi® Oral Cancer Screening System

Identafi® uses three types of lights to highlight pathological tissue to make it easier to diagnose. We use the first light to perform an initial “tour” of your mouth, which is followed by a second light that causes abnormal tissues to appear darker in color. The third light shows blood vessels so that we can detect abnormal areas (as oral cancer commonly develops its own blood supply).

iTero® Digital Impressions

Is the thought of having a dental impression enough to put a tickle in the back of your throat? iTero® technology uses computerized scanning to record a virtual “impression” of your teeth for treatments like Invisalign, dental implants, crowns, and porcelain veneers.

We Put Family First

Dr. Lewart enjoys being a dentist just as much as he enjoys our community. If you’re not here for a checkup, there’s a good chance you’ll cross paths with him hiking the trails, attending the New City Jewish Center, or shuttling kids to Felix Festa Middle School.

He and our Rockland County dental team are happy to accommodate any oral health concern that you may need addressed. Don’t put that toothache off any longer. Call us today to schedule!

Jordan M. Lewart, DMD, FICOI





The staff at Orangetown Smiles has seen me at my worst many times. They are always kind, compassionate, funny, understanding and forgiving! Dr. Jordan Lewart is a true dental artist. He can transform your smile from awful to gorgeous. At the same time, he handles fillings, caps, crowns with a talent and technique that is painless, quick and professional. I cannot say enough about this uber dentist. So if you need dental work or are thinking you'd like to look better, run don't walk to Dr. Lewart at Orangetown Smiles. These talented people will make it all better!


Staff was friendly, music was good, teeth feel excellent! The office was super clean and digital x-rays made for prompt and accurate diagnosis.