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About Orangetown Smiles: Jordan M. Lewart, DMD

Founded by Dr. Jordan Lewart, our Rockland County dental team has been treating families like yours since 1994. Orangetown Smiles moved to our current location in 1997.

Although we’re a family dentist, we offer many services to individuals in need of dental implant therapy. Each step of the implant process is completed right here in our office, including the computer guided surgery and final restorative phases.

Setting the Bar in Advanced Care

We utilize state of the art services and technology for the best experience possible - especially when it comes to restoring your smile with dental implants.

Here are just a few examples of the technologies we implement to optimize patient care:

Single Tooth Anesthetic (STA)

This computerized delivery system is an alternative to traditional local anesthetic. With STA, we can numb a single tooth without the pinch or pressure of typical anesthetic delivery. The steady control device is so comfortable, you may not even realize you just received an injection.

Conebeam Imaging

3D imaging provides us with an anatomical replica of your mouth. We can then digitally place your implants and create a computerized surgical guide for accurate delivery and faster recovery. Where traditional x-rays are like looking at a loaf of bread from one direction, conebeam is like taking a slice out of the middle of the loaf to look at additional details. It makes planning a complex treatment like placing implants a whole lot simpler!

iTero Digital Impressions

Rather than taking gooey impressions of your teeth, we use a 3D dimensional impression system for treatments like crowns and Invisalign. It’s also used with our conebeam system for planning surgical guides. We’re able to transfer the file straight to our dental lab, so there’s no risk of warping materials or human error.

Laser Dentistry

Experience a gentler gum surgery with faster recovery thanks to our diode dental laser. We can even use it to treat canker sores and ulcers!

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